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5 Signs Of A Spiritual Narcissist

A spiritual narcissist is a person who uses their faith and spirituality to manipulate others to boost their ego. It can be your preacher, a family member, a parent, or a romantic partner. One of the main factors contributing to narcissism is pride and the desire to elevate oneself above

5 Rules Of Engagement For Spiritual Warfare

One key verse, Ephesians 6:10–18, is a staple of every believer's lexicon and spiritual foundation. In this section, Paul discusses the cutting-edge equipment that a believer possesses. The problem we face is that Christians metaphorically recognize the Armor of God but lack revelation regarding its value. Spiritual conflict

6 Prayer Principles Guaranteed To Shift Dimensions And Bring Change To Your Life

Spears were one of the most effective weapons used by the Roman army in battle. The size, form, and length of spears varied considerably. These weapons were employed to launch a long-range strike on an adversary. They flung the spears with immense force and distance to strike the adversary from

Change Your Position

Soldiers have relied on armour and other offensive and defensive weapons and equipment to support their mission from ancient times to this day. Paul switches gears in Ephesians 6 and compares the Roman soldier's shield to Christian faith. A seasoned soldier could dispense the shield in favour of a second

Holy Cries

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