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4 Financial Laws That Will bring Increase To Your Life

There is a clear link between financial well-being and personal well-being. Financial strain is a sure-fire way to poor mental, emotional, and physical health. A financial dilemma has the power to clickbait you into unhealthy coping behaviours. However, when we operate in financial wellness, we naturally feel more in charge

7 Spheres of Wealth That Will Change Your Life

When you hear the phrase "wealth", do you automatically think of money? Most people do. What if I told you that wealth is about a lot more than just money? If applied, there are seven elements of wealth that will richly affect your life and the lives of those around

The Eagle Kind

Eagle is the common name of the family Accipitridae and has been adopted by many cultures to symbolise something of prodigious significance.  For example, it was chosen as the symbol of the USA in 1782 due to its majestic beauty, strength and longevity. Mankind has been fascinated by the eagle

To Your Advantage

have you ever felt a deep insatiable hunger for Jesus? When holy hungry is chumming the waters of your innermost being, the symphony of voices of other desires goes silent at once. However, Christ is not walking on earth in physical form anymore, so how do we as Christians gain

Having The God-Kind Of Faith

Have you heard of the “God kind of faith?” This is the type of faith Jesus spoke about in the Bible. To have the God kind of faith, we need to know what faith means and how we can develop it. The most important key to understanding and developing the

Access A World Of No Limits

From ancient history to the modern world, soldiers have relied on armour and other offensive and defensive weapons and equipment to support their mission. In Ephesians 6, Paul shifts gears and equates the shield of a Roman soldier to faith as a Christian. A seasoned soldier could forego the shield

Anointed For Battle

Ephesians 6:10-18 is a signature scripture that forms part of every believer’s vocabulary and spiritual foundation. In this passage, Paul deals with the advanced weapon system of a believer. However, we face the problem that Christians recognize the Armor of God metaphorically but inadvertently lack revelatory substance regarding
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