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The 5 Essential Elements of Tithing: Maximizing its Blessings in Your Life!

Finances can be a source of stress and frustration for many people. There are two common problems that people face when it comes to managing their finances: not understanding how to work with their budget and being strangled by financial debt. These issues can cause tension in personal relationships and

3 Keys To Breaking The Back Of Financial Struggle

When we are unaware of or pay little attention to our adversary’s tactics to gain the upper hand, our lives become collateral damage to a war between two kingdoms. As Creator of all things, God knows what’s best for surviving the world He created and blesses those who

3 Keys On How To Provoke The Supernatural

There is an economic recession in various parts of the world. Businesses are crashing, interest rates are climbing, living expenses are skyrocketing, and there is an orchestrated financial reset with the desire to wipe out the middle class. In all this, the enemy desires to see many lives destroyed. Whatever

The 5 Laws Of Prosperity

I have endured attacks, erroneous accusations, and betrayals during the years, many of which were motivated by jealousy in men’s hearts. But despite the persecution, I’m confident I have the key to prosperity. This key isn’t for my benefit – although I cannot deny its fruits – it’s

4 Keys You Must Engage When You Are Up Against Severe Difficulties

Finding yourself on a slippery slope as algorithms of the felonious underworld refute the convictions of your faith is not uncommon. Resisting the continuous spate of opposition can become gruelling. Although heaven is on our side, we must be completely prepared and skilled with God’s tools if we want

Cheyn - Laws That Create Money

Albert Einstein said, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. In plain language movement, when it comes to the topic of favour, people generally have a very reserved and limited understanding of what it is and the role it may or may not
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