When we are unaware of or pay little attention to our adversary’s tactics to gain the upper hand, our lives become collateral damage to a war between two kingdoms. As Creator of all things, God knows what’s best for surviving the world He created and blesses those who seek Him, making them wiser than their enemies.

The truth is that the Word in your mouth is as powerful as it is in God’s. When you speak His Word, everything responds!

David writes in Psalm 119:103, “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”  It’s a lifetime commitment to living in God’s Word; when we do so, we nourish ourselves with wisdom for everyday life. Here the Psalmist gently meditates on the knowledge “honey” of God’s Word.

When applied correctly, the “sweetness” in God’s scriptures will turn everything around for you!


There are over 31,000 scriptures in the Bible, yet the only verse where God says you can test Him is in this one. I love the way the Good News Translation puts it.

“Bring the full amount of your tithes to the Temple, so that there will be plenty of food there.  Put me to the test and you will see that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of good things.” - Malachi 3:10 (GNT)
  • The Bible is rich with promises, and God has demonstrated that He will keep every one of them.
  • Regardless of God’s impeccable resume to keep His Word, He still challenges us to test Him in this.

Why did God create tithing?

1ST understand that tithing has nothing to do with giving God money, as there is nothing you can give that God needs. He owns everything. All things were made by Him and belong to Him.

And so please understand that when God establishes a principle, it is not because He needs it. So, tithes and offerings are God’s management training program for man.

You see, money is not your real problem – MANAGEMENT IS.

So, tithes and offerings are not about money – it is about management.

God says that we must consistently put aside 10% of everything for His purposes

Why does God require the 10%?

  • It is not about the money.
  • It is about your ability to put it aside.
  • It is about your WILL, your CONTROL, and your DISCIPLINE to put it aside.

If you can manage the 10% properly, then He is more than happy to trust you with the 90% that is left and to increase even the 90%

What does the tithe teach you?

  • Tithing teaches you Accountability
  • Tithing teaches you Discipline
  • Tithing teaches you Honesty
  • Tithing teaches you Diligence
  • Tithing teaches you Faithfulness
  • Tithing teaches you Trustworthiness


Just as purchasing insurance has become a necessity in modern society—whether, for a car, a home, a life, or even insurance against income loss, we have what can be seen as “Heavens Insurance Policy”.

Insurance is for protection and peace of mind, so you can submit a claim if calamity or any unforeseen circumstance hits.

What are the benefits, terms, and conditions?

  • With any insurance policy, the process is quite simple – as long as you pay your monthly premium, your insurance will pay out to cover that which was lost – and often, even more.
  • According to God’s Word, if we put Him to the test, He will pour forth (also translated as “pay-out”) blessings to such a degree that we won’t be able to contain them. It means that you may have been able to contain the blessing you have received up until now, but when God “pays you out”, it will be exceedingly and abundantly more than you can contain – to the point of overflowing!


The revelation of God’s immeasurable blessings that He longs to bestow upon every one of us has been one of the most significant revelations I have ever had, and there have been many in my life.

An offering cannot be a religious routine, putting a few cents in the offering bowl on a Sunday, and giving God our leftovers. It must flow from the heart as a revelation of truth.

“It was when I grasped the revelation of faithfully giving my tithes, seeds, and offerings that the riches locked up in my giving far outweighed the sacrifice.”

It was then that I saw God’s insurance policy work for me. It’s where I saw Him exalt His Word above His Name and come through for me in ways I could never have imagined.

I am now living in a realm where after testing God, He showed me that He could shower us with such blessings that are immeasurable, uncontainable and beyond human comprehension. But my giving gave me the right to test God, and my radical giving caused the back of poverty to be broken.


“I command every veil that would hide the revelation of this truth from you to be ripped off from your eyes, in the Name of Jesus.

I declare that even as you give sacrificially of your tithes, seeds, and offerings, may you see the rewards that I have seen.

As you put God to the test, may He supersede every desire of your heart.

I pray His blessing will overshadow you and provoke His hand to move on your behalf.

As a prophet, I declare this to be so, in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen!”