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Bill Gates Says ‘The Age Of AI Has Begun’

In an op-ed titled“The Age of AI has begun” on “The Blog of Bill Gates,” Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates discussed the upcoming paradigm shift in technology. Having been instrumental in developing personal computers several decades ago, the billionaire seems to know a thing or two about technological innovation. He

Latest Bank To Collapse Is Same One That Closed Trump’s Accounts After Jan 6th

A third U.S. bank has failed in the space of a week, and this time its the same one that closed President Trump’s accounts two years ago, reasoning that it would not do business with Trump after January 6th. Signature bank in New York was shut down by

Will AI Learn to Become a Better Entrepreneur Than You?

Contemporary businesses use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to assist with operations and compete in the marketplace. AI enables firms and entrepreneurs to make data-driven decisions and to quicken the data-gathering process. When creating strategy, buying, selling, and increasing marketplace discovery, firms need to ask: What is better, artificial or human

Is There A Way To Stop Inflation Without Crushing The Economy & Killing The Dollar?

One of the most dishonest games being played in economics today is the attempt by various groups (political and financial) to deflect blame for the rise of inflation. The Biden White House and Democrats desperately want to blame Russia and the war in Ukraine, even though inflation was spiking long

The REAL Solution to the Coming Economic Crisis

The bigger the problem created by the Fed, the greater the crisis and the more government intervenes, and the slower the economy recovers. Here we consider how the market works most effectively, with the efficiency of the process maximized by policy restraint. Like most illnesses, recessions can be “cured” with

Gold as Natural Money

Every natural element with which the earth has been endowed has a usefulness—a purpose. If we listen to gold, its message is loud and clear—gold is money. To serve as natural money is gold’s highest purpose. The advance of civilization demonstrates that nature throughout the ages, to

Wages, Unemployment, and Inflation

Our economic system—the market economy or cap­italism—is a system of consumers’ supremacy. The customer is sovereign; he is, says a popular slogan, “always right.” Businessmen are under the neces­sity of turning out what the consumers ask for and they must sell their wares at prices which
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