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Wages, Unemployment, and Inflation

Our economic system—the market economy or cap­italism—is a system of consumers’ supremacy. The customer is sovereign; he is, says a popular slogan, “always right.” Businessmen are under the neces­sity of turning out what the consumers ask for and they must sell their wares at prices which

Everything You Wanted to Know About Money, But Were Afraid to Ask

With my talk, I would like to accomplish three goals: First, I want to explain some sound and time-tested basics of monetary theory. Second, I would like to point out why it is important to have a free market in money; that the battlefront of our time is not between,

Artificial Intelligence: A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist

Why do globalists have a deep rooted obsession with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What is it about the fervent quest for an autonomous digitized brain that sends them into fits of ecstasy? Is it all about what AI can do for them and their agenda, or, is there also a darker

Why the “New World Order” Is Impossible to Implement without Creating Mass Chaos

The events of the last few years have resurrected a recurring worry among people mindful of their liberty, property, and personal dignity. This worry centers around the prospects of the emergence of the notorious “new world order,” a worldwide totalitarian plot hatched by globalist “elites” intent on destroying the surviving

Interest Rate Tightening Will Cause Even More Economic Destruction

Federal Reserve policies attempting to promote economic and price stability are a major cause for the recent acceleration in the consumer prices’ rise. According to popular thinking, the central bank is supposed to promote both steady economic growth and price stability, the economy perceived as a spaceship that occasionally slips

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming – What Will The Consequences Be?

Currencies are the lifeblood of trade and the economy; if a currency fails, the entire economy fails. Yet, most people rarely think about the health or buying power of the money in their pocket. People don’t research how often currencies actually falter and how common it is for inflation

CERN scientists dig deeper into universe’s secrets

Large Hadron Collider physicists discovered three new types of “exotic” particles Scientists have discovered three "exotic types of particles" in a step closer to unraveling how the universe works, the European nuclear research center CERN said on Tuesday. Physicists operating the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) found evidence of three new
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