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Wages, Unemployment, and Inflation

Our economic system—the market economy or cap­italism—is a system of consumers’ supremacy. The customer is sovereign; he is, says a popular slogan, “always right.” Businessmen are under the neces­sity of turning out what the consumers ask for and they must sell their wares at prices which

What Is Stagflation and What Causes It?

The occurrence of stagflation is associated with a situation of general strengthening in the momentum of prices while at the same time the pace of economic activity is declining. A famous stagflation episode occurred during the 1974û75 period, as year-on-year industrial production fell by nearly 13 percent in March 1975


‘Hiden’ Biden opens US borders for millions of illegal immigrants to saturate the United States! Biden is unable to even string together a coherent sentence, without short-circuiting, and falling back on talking about his days of “shootin da hoops in the Bronx” Biden removes US forces out of Afghanistan and

Trump Responds To Bombshell Clinton Spying Revelations: ‘Punishable By Death’

Former President Donald Trump did not mince words over revelations of Hillary Clinton “operatives” intercepting his office’s internet traffic at the White House, calling the treacherous act “punishable by death.” Special Counsel John Durham revealed in a court filing Friday that a tech executive connected to Clinton’s campaign

Bill Gates to Release Book on How to Prevent Future Pandemic

Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates is to release a book, called “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic,” in which he offers advice on how to avoid a cataclysm in the future like the one caused by COVID-19. The book, which is expected to be released in May, also contains suggestions

‘The Public Have Been Led to Believe UFOs Don’t Exist — But They Do’

RT speaks to Ross Coulthart, the author of a new book, ‘In Plain Sight’, which records an array of mysterious UFO sightings around the world – and details officialdom’s extraordinary efforts to deny them or cover them up. There’s been an explosion of UFO initiatives over the past 12

Why Price Deflation Is Always Good News

Most commentators are currently preoccupied with large increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is labeled as inflation. The yearly growth rate of the CPI stood at 7.0 percent in December against 6.8 percent in November and 1.4 percent in December 2020. Pundits have been blaming
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