‘Hiden’ Biden opens US borders for millions of illegal immigrants to saturate the United States!

Biden is unable to even string together a coherent sentence, without short-circuiting, and falling back on talking about his days of “shootin da hoops in the Bronx”

Biden removes US forces out of Afghanistan and hands BILLIONS of dollars of equipment over freely to the Afghani forces as gesture of good will. Greatest embarrassment for US citizens. Including the murdering of innocent women and children.

Biden threatens Putin and promised the FULL FURY OF USA MILITARY if they dare to attack Ukraine. Putin goes ahead and attacks Ukraine! 🙄

Biden speaks to China to help prevent the war between Russia and Ukraine. China goes behind Bidens back and releases all that intel to Moscow🤦

Biden says we all have to be patient as it will take a month or two for his “MOST SEVERE” sanctions to really show whether it’s working or not??? Ok, let’s wait a couple of months while Russia takes Ukraine and China takes Taiwan.

  • Watch Taiwan!
  • Watch the joining of forces between Russia and China!
  • Watch the White House take a U-Turn and realize what’s going on soon!