One of the most crucial disciplines to apply which will position you to reach a level of success and influence where God has placed you are to fight stagnation and to continue progressing and developing yourself towards your goal. One of the most effective measuring tools in determining your rate of growth is to constantly place yourself under review. Ask yourself today, “What has changed in my life during the past 2 months?”


It is impossible for you to improve in a specific area of your life when you are blinded to your need for change. A musician who has never gleaned from the music of another great musician would never be mindful that they have room for growth! If you are ignorant of your rate of growth, your level of influence and success, you will not be driven to raise your standard.

You are called to be more than a conqueror. You are created to walk in dominion and power. You are destined to be a light in the sphere of influence which God has given you. Be faithful with the little God has given you, commit yourself to develop that, and you will see God increase your territory!

Today I want to challenge you to set measuring tools for yourself. Appoint two or three people in your life to give you feedback on your rate of growth or stagnation, and set yourself short term goals by which you can measure your progress every few months.