On the 31st of December 2021, I received the Word of the Lord in a vision for the nation of Australia for 2022.

As I looked, I saw that I was on the streets of Australia seeing many people. I thought they were marching, but God said to me:

No! You see wrong. What you are seeing is my Church! I saw Churches on the streets of Australia.

They shall say that these are rebels on the streets, causing anarchy. But the Lord says, "They are not rebels - they are my remnant!

The news shall report and say they are rebels, but they are the Lords Remnant!

Like the past revivals of old, where many were gathered on the streets, it is currently happening in the West & East Coast of the United States. It shall be like this in Australia everywhere on the streets! Then from there, I will fill big halls, centres and stadiums again!

You will see it happening in Australia – in the very country where they said nothing will come forth.

Mantles of Apostles and Prophets will be falling on 15-year-olds! But the previous guard will reject this move.

I will put My voice into them, and they will speak. They will speak mysteries and oracles! They will talk strange happenings - but it will be purged with fire - and they will be called "The Branded Ones", "The Marked Ones", "The Wild & Rebellious Ones". But to my shock, I saw that the Church would be the biggest hindrance. They will ask, "How is it possible that children can speak like that?". My Church must be on guard and sensitive to the new wine and move I am causing all over this nation! But, again, My anointing will be on the young ones to pierce veils of religion, veils of darkness and veils of politics gone wrong.

Even now, I am already preparing one filled with my Spirit for politics that will shake that nation. She will creep in like a Daniel & Joseph and will suddenly turn the tide!

You will see how I will allow many churches, who refuse to accept this new move and generation, to be shut so that this move can break out – otherwise, My Church will delay and hinder with what I am about to do.

Like it was with David and Saul – the Spirit of the Lord came upon David and an evil spirit came upon Saul.

As you enter 2023, you shall see the pain of yesterday gone. You shall see a giving birth to a fresh revival that will touch the nation of Australia, and it will flow from there and touch the country of South Africa thereafter!

I am raising up a new wineskin and a new generation.

Many Prophets & Apostles will come forth. Writing Prophets, Scribes, Seer Prophets, Nabi Prophets. Groundbreaking Apostles, pioneering Apostles and Apostles of Revival shall be birthed through the falling of mantles in Australia & New Zealand!

For even in Australia as the birth pains and the intense sorrow has been there for so long, especially against a tyrannical & diabolical government - You shall now see how I will bring salvation to your family. The Antichrist spirit that lifted its head in that nation and families will be cut by the graces & gifts which I am raising up in this hour!

I shall bring salvation to many that have cast off restraint, that looks like they have gone into rebellion and lost hope.

This is a season where things are shifting, and the Suddenly of God is coming in like never before.

Australia Get Ready!