“Save now, I pray, O LORD; O Lord, I pray send now prosperity.”

Psalm 118:25 (NKJV)

The original word translated to “prosperity” in this verse is the Hebrew word “tsalach” which means to advance, to make progress, to succeed, to be profitable or cause to prosper. You see, it is not the will of God that you struggle financially, in your health, in your home or your general wellbeing. God wants you to prosper in every sphere of life. He wants you to make progress. He wants you to be whole!

How can the gospel be delivered to the uttermost parts of the earth if Christians are languishing in poverty, anxiety, strife and sickness? Prosperity has been sent, and it is up to you to receive it and act upon it. You have to refuse to be in lack. Y

You are heir to the King of kings, and it is not fitting that you live a lower life. We serve a God who takes pleasure in the prosperity of His children.

Prosperity is more than just having a healthy bank balance. It extends to every area of life, including your physical wellbeing and family life. Prosperity gives you a wholesome life, where you have a good night’s sleep and complete peace.

Prophetic Declaration:

“Today I receive wholeness and prosperity in every area of my life. My business shall prosper, I am made whole in my physical body and my family is restored to its best! My prosperity will finance the Kingdom and change lives around the world in the Name of Jesus!”