Even though a famine is on the horizon, I the Lord am leading you into your Goshen.

It will be a year of tears for many in the world, but for My people they shall enter into a land of plenty!

Like Joseph was given divine instruction on how to preserve a nation, so I will release words of divine wisdom to My prophets and My people for their preservation.

I will give you divine instructions says the Lord. Many think it will feel like I am giving you a NO, but it is not a NO, only a delay for now. For don’t be discouraged nor dismayed, for an opportunity is going to open up to you in the next 2 years where you will see a sudden prosperity.

Look and see how I will put my hand on young evangelists and young prophets, a breed unknown to anyone, but known by Me.

This will be a year of record breaking souls for the harvest is ripe says the Lord.

Keep your eye on New York, and on the UK, pray for both, so that the plans of the enemy don’t come to pass. In due time, I will lift my servants in South Africa again.