“For the one who finds me finds life and receives favour from the Lord.” Proverbs 8:35 (NET)

As you are reading this devotional today, answer this question - “Have you received salvation? Do you have the gift of eternal life through accepting Christ as your Lord and Saviour?”

If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, then you don’t need to doubt whether or not you walk in the favour of God any longer!

The above scripture says that those who have found Him receive favour from the Lord as an automatic by-product. This is a promise from God for those who have inherited salvation - just as you’re promised eternal life, health, provision, and protection - so have you been promised His unmerited favour.

We can liken this to a child who understands their birthright and has been given access to their father’s wealth. They don’t question whether they have it or not - knowing that they do! So you can stop asking God for His favour to follow you, because as long as you’re saved, it already does.

Instead of asking, begin thanking! All you need to do is begin to thank God for His favour, because the very fact that you’re saved is proof of Him demonstrating His unwavering love for you!

Prophetic Declaration

God highly favours me! He seeks to prosper me all the days of my life. No weapon formed against me can prosper. His promises are unconditional and are intended for my good. No good thing shall be withheld from me!