I heard the Lord say to me "I will raise up a new breed of prophets and apostles"

They will threaten the status quo, make angry the Saul spirit, upset the old wineskin, all the while Eli's eyes grow dim to blindness.

They will scream it is deception, it is false prophets, it is divination, it is witchcraft, becuase i have DIMMED their eyes for this very purpose. To persecute and prepare my young ones.

Did they not persecute you when you were young? Did they not call you false when you were young? Then why spill the blood of these young ones whom I put my spirit upon.

The spirit that roamed the land during the famine in Samaria, when women ate their own children, is lurking today again. A famine is on the rise, and spiritually the leaders are determined to eat their young again.

But I the Lord says "It will not be so!" ... I have chosen a remnant whom i put my spirit upon and they shall be young in the flesh but old in the spirit, and i have designed for revival to come through them, and no one will change that!

Thus saith the Lord!