Do not give up!

There is a current convergence and mantling of young & obscure prophets, uncommon voices and uncelebrated figures, all over the world.

They might not have heard your voice - but they will hear your voice.

They will ask where have you come from and who trained you - but I have hidden you in the secret place for a time such as this.

I hide my servants for national deliverance. Moses I hid! David I hid! Joseph I hid! Paul I hid and JESUS I hid.

Encounter & Divine Experiences will happen that will confuse the religious and upset the old wineskin status quo.

I see young prophets arising in South Africa, Australia, United States, Canada.

The Spirit of the Lord says that I am bringing heavens approval upon My chosen ones and they shall be a breath of fresh air and fire in the Body of Christ. If the church rejects them, I will still raise them up, on the streets and in prophetic companies, but My will & epochs are shifting!