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Trump Names 'Biggest Danger' To America

The greatest threat to the US isn’t Russia, China or any other foreign state, but the “radical left” politicians now running America, former US President Donald Trump said during a Republican rally in Washington Township, Michigan on Sunday. Because of Joe Biden’s policies, which included giving up on

What Is The “Great Reset” And What Do The Globalists Actually Want?

I first heard the phrase “Great Reset” way back in 2014. Christine Lagarde, who was head of the IMF at the time, was suddenly becoming very vocal about global centralization. It was an agenda that was generally only whispered about in the dark corners of institutional white papers and the

Elon Musk May Be About To Develop A ‘Free Speech’ Twitter Alternative

Speculation is rife that the world’s richest man Elon Musk is set to develop a platform that will rival Twitter but be focused on free speech and devoid of the censorship that has lately become rampant. Last week, Musk expressed concern about “de facto bias in the Twitter algorithm”

CEO Of Top Consumer Investment Firm Warns 1970s-Style Stagflation To Return

The invasion of Ukraine and the events that have followed, especially in commodity markets, have triggered a downward revision in growth expectations amid an inflationary shock. It appears the reflation narrative has quickly shifted to stagflation as one of the most recognizable consumer-goods brands warned how the dark days of

World War III Has Already Started, And It’s An Economic War

In an article I published in April of 2018, titled World War III Will Be An Economic War, I outlined a number of factors that portend a large scale conflict between East and West and why this war would be mainly economic in nature. I investigated how this conflict would

The Gas Crisis Plays An Essential Role In The Great Reset Agenda

As gas prices continue to skyrocket at an alarming rate, people around the world are debating who is to blame. But, what if the issue is not negligence or stupidity on the behalf of politicians and corporations? For decades, the global elite have planned on phasing out gas vehicles to

Is Putin The New Coronavirus?

President Biden’s “maskless” State of the Union signifies the near-end of the COVID tyranny we have lived under for the past two years. Fortunately for Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is replacing COVID as a ready-made excuse for their failures and a justification for
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